About us

Slaydon & Rose is more than just a boutique; it is the continuation of a legacy.

The world of fashion has always been a passion of mine, and owning my own boutique has always been a dream. In 2005 I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Fashion Merchandising and a minor in Marketing; but I believe my love of fashion is inherited.

Growing up, both of my grandmother’s would tell me stories about their love for clothing. They both grew up during financially difficult times; and they each had a unique approach to fashion. Mawmaw Green, Frankie Lou Slaydon-Green, was frugal and very practical. To ensure that she would not sacrifice quality while making every dollar count, she selected the best fabrics and expertly created her own clothes. Grandma Pavlu, Rose Aline Pavlu, worked long hours in the factories of South Louisiana. She often talked with me about how, after every payday, she would buy a dress and put another one on "charge." Then, the next payday she would pay off that dress and put another on charge. I can still see the excitement in Grandma Pavlu's eyes as she talked about shopping and picking out the perfect outfit.

The lessons taught to me by my grandmothers are the foundation of this boutique. Here at Slaydon and Rose, we promise high-quality pieces at an affordable price that are fashionable, modest, and trendy. 



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